I forgot to share this last night

I forgot to share this last night. So I walk into Best Buy to pick up a gift I prepaid for. It’s about 30 minutes before closing, so I head over to customer service and order pickup. I’m the only person in the pickup line, and, while I’m walking through the rope aisle, the young man behind the counter walks […]

2017 has been a mixed bag

Happy New Year 2018!   2017 has been a mixed bag. Personally, I’m doing very well. I’m in love, I got to travel to wonderful places and have a great family and amazing friends. On a global level though, the world has become very chaotic, unstable and at times scary. Let’s hope that 2018, the year of the dog (though […]

my little Christmas present

Sending out today, my little Christmas present! ???? How to get in shape an stay fit & healthy over the holidays! Don‘t wait until January to start when the kilos are already piled up!  On the programs you can  ??Drink alcohol (if you want) ?? Eat cake ?? Have cheat days I know most of us are just not committed […]

They call it a Christmas Tree bill

They call it a Christmas Tree bill. Drilling in ANWAR, fetal personhood, massive tax cuts for corporations, limiting the taxes that states can impose, lifting the ban on religious organizations being politically active, repealing the individual mandate – all while levying a tax increase on *half* of all middle-class families by 2027. Call your reps today. Text through resistbot. Make […]


‍My Sunday evening ✨ Q&A with our private group/ training course. Less than 30 days ago I purchased their training course on FB marketing and videos and it’s changed me and my business. ➕Brian Fryer Billy Funk never met mentors like these that have a private group for us and webinars to answer our questions #VALUE

Cat boy

Cat boy, little lion and Miss butterfly had a blast at the EastLake Church Trunk or Treat festival. It was cool seeing the things they did to their cars. Amazing job everyone that contributed to that event. #holloween #fun #trunkortreat #eastlakechurch #kids #candy #costumes #catboy #butterfly #lion #grateful