On 9/11 in the US

On 9/11 in the US, who opened fire first? In Gaza, who opened fire first? Sequence of order means much in morality — or used to. If I’m walking down the street and you suddenly punch me in the face — I’m not interested in your measly justifications, I’m a white man, you blame me for your business failures, etc., etc. — what matters here is the sequence of order for inflicting violence. But Hamas rejects the morality of this logic — outright!. Who opens fire first is inconsequential. Now things are changing. Hamas is going way beyond the self defense criteria to blasting away not to destroy the enemy but gender sympathy for their causalities. We are witnessing something new here: get Israel to kill innocent Palestinian civilians, especially children — by using them as human shields and refusing to sign cease fire agreements and then breaking them and forbidding civilians and children to move out of areas Israel has notified it will be bombing — and use the Palestinian dead as public relations fodder demonstrating the suffering righteous of the Palestinians. That is clearly whacked thinking! Having your own slaughtered! Without a shred of morality. But never underestimate the power of insanity on the nonthinking.

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