MAKE SOUL VISIBLE. That’s one way to express my core purpose. How do you do that? Get quiet enough to recognize your deepest internal knowing, and trust it so fully that you choose according to THAT rather than any other voice, inner or outer. One decision at a time.
With each choice, your Soul becomes more and more visible in the world, inevitably impacting those around you positively, and creating your own particular Heaven on Earth.
When it comes to your business, there is a point at which, even when you know this and practice it at a high level, there are still times and places where choosing from Soul gets derailed.
Very often, it has something to do with money, and believing that you still need to do things in your business that are in some way depleting. Or under-charge for your gifts.
Or there’s something new that wants to be birthed through you, but you wonder if it will generate enough income. Or it seems too big or overwhelming, and you wonder if you’re capable, or worthy. Or if it will engulf you and steal the spaciousness and self-care you need to be at your best.
Or you know that where you’re headed requires a lot more visibility, and you wonder if it’s safe to shine so brightly, or if you’ll have to face judgment and criticism, even from loved ones.
Or you wonder who you’ll have to leave behind in the process, or what searingly painful feelings you’ll have to face.
Or sometimes it’s just a nagging sense that there’s a LOT more in you to bring forward, and you’re not clear enough on it yet for it to make its way out of you.
Whatever form(s) this derailment from your Soul’s fullest expression might take for you, I specifically designed a container to support you in moving through and beyond it, and being true to Soul in even the most challenging choices in your business.
We’re talking full, non-negotiable Surrender, with a capital S.
The container is the Soul Mastery Circle. Six powerful leaders journeying together for six months, committed to letting Soul lead, no matter what. Letting go of those last inner and outer places still tethered to the old way of being and doing, and moving instead into an unprecedented level of Trust in self and Life, and becoming an instrument of the Divine through your true Life’s Work.
Three spaces are already filled, and three spaces remain. The first three participants are already experiencing massive shifts in alignment with Soul, and we’ve only just begun.
If this is resonant for you, message me to arrange a time to speak, and let’s explore whether this container is the right match for what’s happening now for you and your business. <3 #letsoullead #soulmasterycircle

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