MAKE YOUR SOUL YOUR CEO. If you are a world-changing leader who has a business you love, and is deeply devoted to your connection to something much larger than yourself, this is an invitation to join me for a 1:1 Soul Mastery Intensive day in London in August, specifically designed for you and your Life’s Work, with this magnificent city as our playground.
A totally unique experience of surrender to, and flow with, the Divine that accelerates the fulfilment of your Soul’s mission, the release of limiting beliefs and habits that have held you back from your fullest impact, and the fullest integration of your spirituality with your business.
You will leave this day very different than who you were and how you were operating when you began. And you will have a LOT of fun. 🙂
Client feedback on the power of this experience:
“My Soul Mastery Intensive with Lisa was so accelerated, we were able to make miracles in 7 hours with something that has been bothering me for this entire year…It looked like 60 things going on, but they were all tethered to the same issue. That’s HUGE.
Coaches usually lead intensives in hotel suites, but the way we did ours – experientially, with movement and flow and embodiment – required me to trust her and trust the process. In her presence, I felt safe and secure, she trusts her gift and her connection to the Divine so completely. That’s one of the hardest lessons for pretty much everyone to learn, and I loved it.
Lisa works with such groundedness, centeredness, grace and class. She’s unique in that she understands the practicalities of business, but combines it with total self-mastery, spirituality and Divinity – the ultimate CEO in our businesses. The way she works is at the leading edge of where business and entrepreneurialism are going. Working with her was the best investment I could have made.”
We will customize the day based on your unique situation, but some of the ways this intensive may support and guide you include how to:
– Access your Soul’s knowing and hear its guidance
– Clarify your vision and next steps
– Release fear, doubt and other forms of resistance
– Bring your business activities into full alignment with your Soul and its mission
– Know when to take action and when to pause
– Turn your sensitivity into a superpower instead of a source of pain and overwhelm
– Master your energy so you create with greater ease and flow
– Release workaholism, doing it alone, and creating with the mind, force and control
– Co-create with the Divine and harness all the unseen support that it offers you.
If you have a sense this may be for you, PM me and let’s talk about what’s happening for you and your business right now, and how a Soul Mastery Intensive might be able to assist you. <3

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