This morning we got up early

This morning we got up early, to be in line when the polls opened. It’s nice to stand outside and see your neighbors walking down the street to join you. Our line moved pretty quickly and I didn’t linger when I filled out my ballot. I didn’t cry. When we walked out I told Jeff that I had written him in for judge. (I didn’t really, although I do think he should be a judge one day, and only partially so I can refer to him sarcastically as “your honor” during disagreements.)
At home I made coffee, took a selfie, and opened facebook to see a live video of women lining up to put their I Voted stickers on Susan B Anthony’s headstone and promptly broke into tears.
The women’s suffrage movement was not perfect. Its leaders, including Susan B Anthony, often failed to fight for poor women, or for people of color. But their fight makes my fight possible. Their flawed feminism was necessary and vital and I won’t take it for granted. They made a new future possible.
I’m voting for those, and all, women, today. And I am voting for today’s activists, especially the ones on the front lines of issues I care deeply about: climate change, sensible gun laws, #blacklivesmatter, equal pay, paid family leave, and income inequality. Not because Hillary will be a leader on these issues, but because she can be led, pushed, and moved on these issues by citizens who are doing the work. I will not vote to take them backwards.
Hillary’s election is not the end (or pinnacle) of a progressive agenda, just as the election of Obama was not. It is a necessary and vital step. It makes a new future possible.
I doubt I’m done crying, today. I know I’m not done fighting to make things better. Most importantly, neither is Hillary Rodham Clinton. #imwithher

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