Mimiko is moving money out of the State

Mimiko is moving money out of the State, AD alerts
The Alliance for Democracy (AD) on Sunday alerted that the Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko another round on moving money out of the State to Abuja ostensibly to buy justice for the candidate of his own faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) thus subjecting the State to further financial stress.
The Party, according to its Secretary, Dr Sola Agboola disclosed that a long convoy left the Ondo State Government House on Sunday carting away from the coffers of the Government a whopping three Hundred million (#300,000,000) to Abuja to embark on another round of sharing money to have his way.
“While we are not bothered by whatever Governor Olusegun Mimiko wants to go to Abuja to do r delegate his aides to do, since that is his and his Party’s business, we however, want to warn that this is another in the serial looting of the people’s money.
“Workers are being owed six months salaries and pensions, infrastructure are in sorry shapes and nothing is moving. There is want, privation, and disconnect of the people with the government. Yet Mr Governor has left governance to go to the dogs while he gallivant all over Abuja searching for succour for his candidate.
“As of now, Ondo State is indebted to the tune of #180 billion under the watch of Mr Mimiko while these incessant moving of scarce resources from the purse of Ondo State to do his own biddings when the people wallow in abject poverty, the AD scribe stated in a release.
The Party, therefore, warned that in the fullness of time, those who fritter the commonwealth of the people would be held accountable.
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