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Marilyn Kalfus, business writer at the Orange County Register who specializes in real estate wrote today’s Sunday Real Estate Section lead story about the evolving nature of 21st Century ‚Äúsuburban” living. With land at a premium and a statewide housing shortage for California’s growing population, the move toward densification or high rise living even in places like Orange County is real. But what’s coming out the ground in many communities doesn’t fit traditional classifications of development. It’s not classic urban and it’s not the ranch-style suburban or track housing that has for so long defined the Orange County way of life. According to noted Irvine-based real estate consultant John Burns the new label is “surban.” FivePoint’s newest Irvine community, Parasol Park, which has its grand opening in two weeks, falls squarely into this category, a cross between city life and the suburbs as we have known it here in the land of backyards and front lawns. Exciting to see the county mature and shape the future.

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      How do you keep it affordable for middle class working families?

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        Happy New Year Sandy. It is the $64,000 question; actually a lot more than that when you consider the median price of a California home. We are very aware of the cost crisis facing housing in the state and working to find solutions. But it’s not an easy equation. Take care

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      It’s a horrible plan with future unintended consequences, such as no public transportation, VOC solution, not enough public resources as fire and police. This raises many questions: no yards for kids to play, which creates introverted people, as everyone will just have to stay indoors and not talk to each other. Nobody being neighborly. Because all you see is a “hotel” hallway. Once the market tanks, and these foreclose, the buildings will be eyesores. OC and So Cal are not cities like NY, Chicago, Boston and the like, which can support this kind of infrastructure. The local governments can’t even make their cities “smart” currently. The builders don’t care , because they make their loot and go live their lives on Newport Coast, La Jolla, etc.Resl estate agents just want their 6% and don’t care about city development, just gives me the money. All this stinks of property taxes money that will be mismanaged….

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        Youre starting to sound like a planner Hewitt… it. For high density development to be successful there must be a advanced public transportation network THAT PEOPLE WILL USE. The problem with those high rise residences that popped up in OC is that there in no link to transit and the only cater to the executive lifestyle.

        San Diego has same problem. High end high rises except they are built right on the trolley line for people to use. A poll was taken and less than 5% use transit to get to work.

        It’s not working.

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