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A week ago today, tragedy struck our Plexus family at the same time many of us were gathering as local Plexus families at training events across the country. Sadly, the 16 year old daughter of a Plexus Diamond (the highest rank and top of the company) passed away in a tragic accident.
I share this with you for two reasons. First, this young woman who passed away had put her personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Because of this, I know that this young woman is not suffering one bit but is is in the absolute best place one can ever be: with her Savior in Heaven. If you have never given much thought to God or what happens after we die, I plead with you, don’t let this young woman’s testimony be in vain. Please start thinking about it and turn to someone in your life who has put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If you don’t know anyone to talk to, PLEASE message me or ask me! I want to know that I can celebrate with you in heaven one day! This is the ultimate family for you to join and it’s the most important one that I want you to be a part of!
The second reason I wanted to share this with you is to hopefully show you a glimpse into Plexus that may not be shared as much as it should. The individuals who are a part of this family are real people with real lives just trying to do what they feel is the best way to leave a positive impact on the world. These people are not celebrities nor do they aspire to be. I know because I have met some of them and have almost daily communication with others. When you join Plexus, you’re not joining a business with everyone climbing over everyone else to reach the top dollar. No, Plexus is different. You’re joining a family of people who care about helping others and helping the most people possible is the end game. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it as long as I can: #jointhefamily!
I hope this post has given you some things to think about. I’m including a news clip of the family involved that I hope and pray helps convey what I have taken the time to share with you. May God bless you!
#jointheULTIMATEfamily #Jesuslovesyou #idotoo #thenjointhePlexusfamily #onePlexus #Allyslegacy
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