I’m very excited about this

I’m very excited about this! I’m hosting a workshop alongside videographer, Tyler J French, and Ugg founder, Brian Smith, to help other entrepreneurs/business owners/service providers/performers/leaders/etc. launch their own successful video marketing campaigns. The number one question I get from people is how I grew my business, and it all comes down to my video marketing strategy and implementation. Instead of trying to individually pass this information on, I’ve decided to create a workshop around it to help up to 10 people all at once.
Tyler is the magic behind all of my videos and will be co-hosting the workshop with me, to help you brainstorm creative ideas to market yourself. And Brian will be diving into your brand messaging with you and offering some feedback on your business strategy and whatever other things you want to pick his brain about. This is going to be fun, informative, and will truly propel your business. Please feel free to share and invite others and let me know if you have any questions!!

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