“Trump’s selection marks the end of an era

“Trump’s selection marks the end of an era. In particular the one that began back on August 28, 1963, with Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, establishing no matter how incomplete, how unfulfilled, the template for fifty years of race relations…King told us we were people before we were anything else. White or black, young or old, male or female, rich or poor, born here or born elsewhere. Even if we never came close to realizing it, the notion that we all had to find a way to live together was the organizing principle of our society for fifty years. Many of the people voting in this election never knew anything else.
Then Trump came along…Trump’s run promised voters…a radical overthrow of that 50 year consensus on race, during which time even most Republicans paid lip service to King’s vision. As Trump’s run progressed, the ideology behind it came into focus…Trump made identity the main course. He unleashed something dark and violent in the American psyche. He gave voters permission to disbelieve in a common future with the rest of America and offered the option of confrontation instead….
The pessimism of Trump’s revolution is intentional, impassioned, and ascendant. They placed a huge bet on America’s worst instincts and won. And the first order of business will be to wipe out a national idea in which they never believed.”
Matt Taibbi

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