Want to be better known in your field

Want to be better known in your field – a recognised expert in fact? It’d bring people to you and make everything about your business (or your next job move) easier.
My lovely pal Dorie Clark is running a webinar today at 1pm Eastern – that’s an hour folks – on how to build the cred to get known.
She’s done it herself and is going to share her deep knowledge. She writes for Forbes and the Harvard Review, teaches at Duke and has written a stack of business books as well as Stand out.
Jump into the call – and learn her techniques and ask your questions live. She’s a deep and fabulous resource and my go-to-gal for all things in this area.
In fact, I’m going to do her new course myself. It’s my next growth point. Come and do it together!
(And that page name? despite that, this webinar, isn’t just for me! that’s just the name of the page. doh!)

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