If you are needing to generate new work

If you are needing to generate new work… come marathon with Apiary Lit for the month of April! 😀 It’s free to join and participate! More info is at http://apiarylit.org/3030, and it is open to multiple genres and approaches.
I wanted to try an experiment with offering an online community workspace (with daily prompts, discussion forums, and a place to share 30/30 pieces and still retain publishing rights! ;D). I want to see what kind of energy we can create, and expand my 30/30 practice to include the influence of a larger portion of the community.
I imagine many (like me) might be working on 30/30 or #NaPoWriMo with other writing groups as well — please join and share work here, too! Everyone who participates will be helping this community project (and potential future projects) to be a success, so please — share widely! invite your friends! challenge your enemies!

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