Passing along a word of warning from my daughter:

Passing along a word of warning from my daughter:
“Wanted to let everyone know of a potential scam that (almost) happened.
“Got an automated call from “Walgreens” saying I had a prescription refill. It said my name and to confirm I was the right person, I had to enter my birthdate. As soon as I heard that, I hung up and called my local Walgreens to ask if I really had a refill due. I don’t.
“I’m betting it would have continued on to ask my SSN or other personal info.
“Anyway- keep vigilant. Even if it sounds legit.”

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      Thanks. I’m of the opinion that anytime someone calls me snd asks for none-of-their-business personal info it’s a scam. There was a Verizon scam where the caller told me I didn’t use enough of my minutes each month. Because of that they were going to cut my minutes in half and pass my account to another company. The person calling wanted me to give her permission to do that. I asked if I could think about it and call her. She hung up on me. Caller ID displayed Verizon’s number. Scary stuff.

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      Yeah. It was a little scary especially when she asked for my permission. That’s what did it for me. She also knew way too much about me for my own comfort.

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