WOW!! What a day it has been in Cape Town, South Africa. This morning I spoke at the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s (PSASA) annual convention about Leadership & Legacy (actual title, Your Legacy; Your Story)! It was the first time that I presented this presentation & in front of my speaker family (always a daunting task):-) I used many examples of leaders within our industry during the presentation, ending with some words and a story about Warren! I almost lost it, but made it through and I hope, on this anniversary of Warren’s birthday that he was proud of what I did. As the love of my life, my husband, friend, colleague, business partner, mentor, and coach, I miss him more every day. In 2014 were were both scheduled to be speaking in South Africa for this same convention. One of the great disappointments Warren expressed before he died was that he wouldn’t be able to show me South Africa. I promised him then, that one day, I would make the trip. How very grateful I am that I have the privilege of honouring that promise and being here (finally) to honour all that Warren left as a legacy for the speaking industry around the world. It’s a bit of a bittersweet day/time for me, to be sure, yet with the love and support of so many friends who were here today (from Cape Town, Johannesburg, other parts of South Africa, the USA, the UK, Singapore, and my adopted country of Canada), we collectively will celebrate the life of my amazing love, mentor to many, and friend to more, for the legacy that lives on. I will always love you, my darling. RIP.

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