Have you ever been all set to accomplish something

Have you ever been all set to accomplish something, go after it for a week, and then quit before it seems too daunting? Ever set a New Years resolution that didn’t make it past February? Been there, done that. Two steps forward and five steps back is not the way to achieve something you want or deserve to have.
In 2017 I decided to set some big goals for myself in my career, relationships, & health and fitness. But it was more than just a “New Years Resolution” it was a new, more effective way to set weekly goals and actually SEE them start to come to fruition. Even for this over-thinking, “squirrel” brain, I have been able to stay focused and on the right path toward achieving what I want out of 2017 and beyond.
Starting tomorrow, my team is running a FREE group all about how to dream (and big dreams, none of this small shit!), organize those goals, and make them happen. This is a group for anyone who has BIG dreams, but needs help executing them. It can be in the area of fianances, health & fitness, relationships or business. This method can be applied to all areas!
We’ll chat about:
—> How to set effective goals that set you into action
—> Time management and planning tips
—> Effective planning tools! (planners, apps, etc)
—> Organization for home, including meal prep and budgeting tips
—> Managing your email and effective strategies for work meetings
And did I mention? FREE GIVEAWAYS – some of my favorite books and planners!!
Comment below & tag a friend to join this group with you! Or shoot me a message if you want in!!
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