Not property related

Not property related.
Yesterday I was made to feel very proud & humble.
I spoke to a old friend who I have known most of my life. He knew me from old and my background, the hardships and struggles I had.
However this person has had some terrible times of which I would never want to go through but he has never given up, he has dug deep and Soldiered on.
Yesterday we spoke and he told me that after watching and seeing what I had achieved he felt inspired which made him think that he had had enough of allowing life dictate to him and he was going to tell life what he wanted.
So that’s what he did and he started his own roofing company that is doing amazing and going from strength to strength.
He is building an amazing business and will smash it.
So guys it is never to late. You have just got to stop blaming the circumstances and go and take what is yours.
You know who you are, well done buddy. You sir have inspired me to keep helping people.

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