One more time

One more time… Perjury is against the law. It doesn’t matter if a “law enforcement person” tells you it’s okay or not. Alright? According to Wikipedia Biblical Law was given to the Community of Jacob from Moses and God. Even if no one around me believes or my legal wife that claims she’s not that… I still have to follow law. You could all be criminals and Tuscaloosa could be a penal colony. How would you not know? I’m telling you right now… if they are actively trying to avoid me… it’s usually a sign of something bad. It would be like going to extremes to avoid making a million dollars. Nobody does this. Because of corruption and the Coal Business and Kleptocracies and religion and everything else (which my parents worked for for a long time) the Alabama legal system can’t really be trusted like that so you just have to take matters into your own hands. If people are going into courtrooms and swearing in on Bibles and then turning around and lying about Isaiah… well. How do you think the rest of the proceedings are going to go? There’s so much evidence piled up on my side that I’m correct in what I believe that it’s gross when people argue that they don’t believe me.

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