I officially do not want to be an American anymore

I officially do not want to be an American anymore. And I definitely do not want to live in a country where new brides need baseball bats as a wedding gift. Canada…please adopt me. Immediately. So I came to the coffeeshop with my laptop just now and there was a Maine sorta rednecky couple talking to two Mennonite (think Amish) boys. And then there’s ME. OK…and of course the conversation is about politics and religion and of course I stick my mouth and foot and two cents in it. It gets a bit…heated. And I’m basically calm and logical in my demeanor and tone but I did make some points that they clearly didn’t like. And at one point the “lady” turns to me and says: “why don’t you just stay out of our conversation?”
And I said…”Because we still live in America, this is a public place and there’s still a little thing called free speech…”
*Crickets*…because that was everything they were just talking about…on both the political and the religious sides. Freedom. So they left. And I’m here by myself now. Well…me and the cutiepie barista Michael who is clearly an angel in disguise because he just said to me:
“Why can’t we just all treat each other like HUMANS?”
Yeah, Michael…yeah. Why can’t we? So now my eyeholes are leaking. And I guess “realistically” I cannot go live in a bubble or under a rock. As much as I might wish to, sometimes. But this basic and epic and HUGE message of being human…can we just please, like PLEASE…get on the same fucking page? Like really….please. Golden Fucking Rule, people. That’s all. I’m gonna go weep in my coffee now. Because my America is dead. But I’m hoping there’s a rebirth on the way. Or Canada. Waves the white flag of surrender. Ohhhhhhh Canadaaaaaaaaaa.

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