Wow, Just had an unfortunate encounter with Conditional Love rearing its head big time. A man I’ve Loved in my life for years now and will always Love has a new partner and just walked into the same coffee shop I’m sitting in. Having just done a lot of energetic work of healing around our unresolved relationship it was challenging to see him~ and also beautiful.
It felt really nice to talk with him from a level of detachment and I was excited and a bit nervous to greet his new lover. When I approached she felt cold and after a few comments that I perceived as rude I could tell she didn’t want to commune with me at all.
I want to live in a world where women don’t completely shutdown sisterhood with one another over men.
I want to nurture relationships that don’t have to be less loving because we have new ones in our lives. I mean I understand natural flow of attention yet it’s pretty sad when you have to completely cut people out of your life either because your partner has insecurities or you forget how to maintain valuable friendships <3

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