You Are Always Good Enough

You Are Always Good Enough
All that “You’re not good enough,” crap you or anybody else tells you about yourself is BS.
The majority of people who feel stuck in their businesses is because they feel some need within themselves to prove their value to other people.
Honestly this is always a waste of your time and energy.
There will always be people out there who won’t change their opinion about you, and in their minds you will never be “good enough” regardless of what you do.
Believing you can possibly ever change what other people think about you is a never ending battle, and one you’ve lost before it ever began.
Here’s the golden ticket to becoming successful in every endeavor of your life: it’s changing the perception you have in regards to how you view yourself.
When you VALUE YOURSELF and what you’ve become, EVERYTHING in life changes, especially your business.
— Mariana Seoane; Intuitive Business Leaders

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