A company can work out how much your salary should be

A company can work out how much your salary should be, based on the type of role they require, researching market rates, the value of the role to their business and a few other factors.
Just because you’ve got years of experience or a qualification(s) it won’t always mean you’ll get paid more. This can be demoralising and hard to accept when you know you’re worth more. You’ll need to prove yourself, demonstrate your skills and abilities and even then you’re never guaranteed a payrise or a secure job.
Network marketing pays you based on your own merits. So the smarter you work, the better the results. You must develop yourself and mentor other people to grow your business. It is wise to find a business that you believe in and love.
Find a person in a business you are interested in joining who you can look upto. Someone who inspires you, who you can see yourself being friends with and being business partners.
If you want more than what your current job/career gives you, then I suggest you consider this avenue of work. Investigate a company that interests you.
If you have any questions about network marketing as a new venture for yourself, send me a message for an informal chat. I’d be happy to help
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