THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT, of the United States of America arriving in Saudi Arabia on his first int’l trip since being inaugurated as president four months ago today. I saw the 81 year old Saudi King walk on his own with a cane to the bottom of the stairway of Air Force ONE to greet our President. Drums were beating, trumpets were sounding, American & Saudi flags were flying everywhere, and when the two met I could hear from the distant hot-mic an exchange of their very first first words to one another…”S.K.: Very happy to see you.”…”Pr.T: a great honor”…”S.K: you are a friend…” Then seven jets flew overhead painting the sky red, white, and blue.
In my short lifetime, I have NEVER seen this much respect given any of our president’s from any country. They know President Trump is no Democrat or Republican “puppet.”
He landed just after lunch (local time), and by supper-time he had secured a $350 BILLION dollar government contract (over 10 years), and an additional $55 BILLION in Saudi & US commercial business venture agreements. Just last week it was reported the federal government had a $182 BILLION surplus, and the week before that he locked in a livestock trade agreement with China that will be bringing in BILLIONS to our economy.
Take note: this is what WINNING looks and feels like. We can either have a staunch & successful businessman helping us all with our financial freedom, or have continue to have articulate professional politicians taking US to a financial holocaust by adding to our TRILLIONS already in debt (Bush & Obama!). Oh, your feelings are still hurt? Grow the hell up.
Thank you President Trump & First Lady Melania for representing me and my grateful family in Idaho and getting our country back to business again, and restoring the respect our country deserves. #WINNING

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