I am approaching life and business in a more feminine way

I am approaching life and business in a more feminine way…and as such, am offering (in collaboration with Lindsey Liv Deep Swords & Sacred Ground Community Education & Resource Center in Occidental) a Women’s Day Retreat in Occidental.
When at first we put out information for this retreat, we set the price of the event at a high-end fee with the intention of ‘making a profit’… yet as the weeks went on, this intention just felt icky. Yucky. Not how we wanted to promote our work. And so, we have made a change.
We have decided to make the retreat highly affordable for everyone, with space for participants to provide more heart-felt monetary love offerings while at the retreat.
For an 8-hour day with organic foods and teas, ceremony, feminine sacred architecture inner work, kundalini infusion, cervical wellness eduation, and deep feminine connection…the door fee is only $50.
We want all those who are called to dive deep with us into the female sacred anatomy and support one another to heal.
This is going to be so so potent and powerful.
I really look forward to dive deep with you all. This is going to be so juicy, and nourishing, and so so good.
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Head to www.generativehealth.org/regenerate to sign up.
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