On one of our breaks yesterday, Maja from the Incest Trauma Center handed me a small gift. It was a set of four square coasters, with rounded corners, illustrated and written in Serbian, a thin paper wrapper binding them together. The two of us sat down on the steps of our meeting room, while the women around us smoked, drank coffee, shot pool, played foosball, and rocked out to a playlist created by Ivana #1. This was unlike any break I’d ever experienced at one of my workshops before, but when in Serbia, do as the Serbians do. I was learning to flow with the variations in this culture. Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be a lot more flexible about our start times and the length of our breaks.
As we sat together on the steps, Maja told me that these coasters were selected images drawn from a huge poster created by the Incest Trauma Center called, “Why Speak About Women’s Sexuality?”
Each of the four coasters includes the lead question: Why Speak About Women’s Sexuality?” and each has this tag line at the bottom: “Everyone’s sexual rights are human rights.”
Then, each of the four coasters focuses on a different subject of women’s sexuality, and is illustrated accordingly. Check out the captions below:

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