8 Stages of a Future Rodan+Fields Consultant:

8 Stages of a Future Rodan+Fields Consultant:
1 – IGNORE my posts.
2 – WHATEVER: She’s one of ‘those’ now.
3 – OMG: I’m so sick of seeing all of this!
4 – DENIAL: This could never work for me, but I wish it could.
5 – HOPE: Maybe this could work for me?!
6 – QUESTIONS: I want to try this…can you tell me more?
7 – GRATITUDE: This stuff is amazing! Why didn’t I start sooner?
8 – REFLECTION: Now it all makes sense! I should have listened to her forever ago!
I went through every single one of these myself! Don’t be like me and keep waiting and waiting. Take a leap of faith. So glad I did! My team is growing like crazy and my sponsor has picked out her Lexus she is hours away from earning! My incentives on business kits are unbelievable through tomorrow. Call me and let’s get you started on this journey!

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