#Powerhouse! Non Scale Victory!! I just wanna scream to the world how proud I am of my friend and biz partner Brandan Rader!! He just got selected to be a part of a fast track PhD program, and is building his client base so fast, was featured in DGaray Magazine and is just on fire!!!A year ago when I started diving into the opportunity of @Isagenix I had this MASSIVE vision and could see it so clearly!! Without hesitation, Brandan came on board and stood by my side and joined me!! He is an incredible model so his decision started by doing the 9 day to shred for a photo shoot, but immediately saw the benefits and knew what this product can and stayed on it ever since! It just lit him up inside to see the vision of how Isagenix could play a vital role in his nutrition and meal prep program he recommends to his clients all the time!! He is a life coach and image consultant helping to transform others in so many ways! This nutrition program became the perfect fit. This wasn’t about a huge number dropping on the scale, for Brandan it has always been about his clients, his why!!! His commitment to the best nutrition on the planet is truly about providing it to others to help THEIR transformation unfold and coaching them every step of the way!! He couldn’t be a better leader for what our future has in store of changing people’s lives one person at a time!! Isagenix is not just about the lbs lost, it is about untapped potential exploding into this world that lights people on fire!! And now, his business and personal brand is exploding! So proud to have you on this journey with me! You define living life ON PURPOSE and with INTENTION

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