There are many reasons I run Life With Passion

There are many reasons I run Life With Passion, and here’s a BIG ONE:
I believe that the most capable dreamers + doers among us are also the ones who most doubt themselves, are afraid of failure, and need encouragement, support and accountability to build businesses + lives they’re passionate about.
That’s why I’ve designed my business to support these high-achievers in gaining clarity and confidence, so that they can get clients, creating a ripple effect in their lives and in those they help, and serving the world.
I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005, helping clients market their own businesses. Combined with my experience as a university professor, career counselor, and gift for bringing out my clients’ self-belief and confidence that helps them feel like they can do anything, I support them to finally overcome their fears and take big, tangible action like quitting their jobs, getting visible to rejuvenate stalled businesses, and making sales.
I’m the Queen of Simplicity and the go-to for time sucks. I clear away the overwhelm, help clients see things from a perspective they’ve never thought of before, and help them focus with simple strategies that get them traction and help them start generating revenue without the traditional systems + structures they thought they needed (like a website).
Do you have a dream you’re passionate about building, but are doubting whether it’s possible for you? Where do you know you need more confidence to put yourself out there so that you can finally make money and make a difference? I’d love to hear about your dream and I’d be honored if you shared with me below 🙂

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