What are you willing to die for

What are you willing to die for?
Watching pilgrims on their way to Namugongo martyrs’ basilica, one marvels at their determination and commitment.
The Uganda martyrs who gave up their lives for Christianity are a case study for anyone who wants to do anything worthwhile and memorable.
They believed so much in their religion that they were willing to die rater than denounce it when that requirement was put before them.
How much belief do you have in your business/relationship?Would you be willing to die for its sake?
We must be willing to die for our jobs, businesses,relationships, countries, communities.
If you are not willing to die for anything, you will live for nothing.
Once you have identified what you will gladly die for,you will do everything within your means to ensure that it prospers.
Before you identify it,you will just live your life on a day to day basis with nothing tangible to show for your existence.
Unwavering confidence in your ability to prosper in what you believe in and taking consistent steps towards the final goal is unavoidable if success is one’s target.
Total belief in oneself and what one is doing gives one the necessary morale to move on even in the face of unending challenges.
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