I want to shout out to Podcast Producers today

I want to shout out to Podcast Producers today. I’m not so scared of competition that I can’t give massive credit where it’s due.
For starters, I want to shout out Cody David Boyce. This man is fire. He was my first glimpse at a producer in this industry and he was seriously an inspiring person to run into so early in my career. Watching his client care, and his customer service to people who weren’t even HIS customers (he helped clients of mine like mad to help them rectify sound issues I didn’t understand). He also gave me work when times were lean and money was tight. Brought me in, showed me the background of what he does, and then encouraged me to push forward and do it for myself. I love knowing that anyone who goes to Cody is well taken care of.
Next up is Cole Johnson. A golden voice and a commitment to quality like no other. When coaching was my main squeeze, this guy hit me up for pointers and business tips like mad, and ran with what I was able to give him. His show, Cole Sportz was an example I loved to use as an example of a show that evolved into a perfect product. The man is dedicated to his craft and is helping me build a podcasting resource far beyond anything either of us have tackled before. His skills in production are admirable for a guy like myself, and his style and the way he presents himself is grand. I have so much love and respect for this man.
Finally, Xavi Umeh. The man has worked on a show that I’m a massive fan of, and we’ve connected a lot over the last year and a half. He goes the extra mile for his people and never hesitates to jump on a call, project or late night message exchange with me. He laughs because the stuff I hate doing, he lives and breathes. We do things differently, and as a result we have so much to learn from one another. I’m pumped to be working along side such a class act, and someone who knows the definition of what it is to offer amazing support to his clientele.
I’m blessed to have talented and genuinely great producers in my life to learn from, laugh with and share horror stories with.

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