Sukhbir Singh badal live conference on Rana Gurjit Singh Sand mining issues

Sukhbir Singh badal live conference on Rana Gurjit Singh Sand mining issues
Sukhbir badal remain 9 years deputy chief minister of Punjab.More than 50,000 crore EWS housing scam in Punjab.
His own close relatives sippy Sidhu murder in Chandigarh and elderly badal shaib gone on to extend saying his grandson died.
Dr sukhchain Gill IPS SSP Chandigarh remained busy in shutting the case and elderly badal ji remained silent.
Dr sukhchain Gill IPS SSP Chandigarh whats his position in front of badal ji?
Now sukhbir badal coming up with press conference of taking action against Rana Gurjit for Sand mining but he doesn’t know what is ground reality.
Punjab has become a hub of rich jat Sikh families tradition of grabbing power and academy of croupption.They rule and cheat punjab and vice versa start making fools of Punjab by levelling alligation.
Recent Congress – Akali pact was not to allow AAP party Punjab to rise and EVM machine has been hacked.
Just before Elections same Akali ruling party gave Capt amrinder Singh clean chit from a scam just before Elections not during 9 years rules.
Maximum Sand mining has been done in anandpur shaib by a leading BJP leader whose sons always remained sitting at Sand mining sites.
Special stickers were given to trucks loads of sand no police men’s were even dared to stop them.
More than 5000 crore drug business carried but not a single arrest.
In conclusion it may be Capt amrinder Singh or sukhbir badal it’s totally dramatic events created to cause confusion in minds of People of Punjab from inside both are one ..all enjoy cocktail party and socialise on functions.
Punjab is becoming a state of rich wealthy jat Sikh families hub with egoistic brains to rules.
Party agenda is same only faces changed.
Elderly badal shaib didn’t do anything for late sippy Sidhu murder and even didn’t took a single strong action against Dr sukhchain Gill IPS SSP Chandigarh what will he will do..I don’t trust these dramas by sukhbir badal ..

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