I was 12 years old. My teacher marked my essay and called me to her desk at the front of the class.
‘Abbew, very good essay. You keep working that hard and your dreams will come to pass’
I just stared at her, completely baffled.
‘What?’, she asked.
‘Miss, I don’t understand. I’m not working for my dreams to pass. I want my dreams to come and stay. I want to live in it’
She just shook her head and up to now, I still wonder what she really thought of my response.
The way I saw it, I wasn’t born with much but I’d been given the opportunity to get something and I wasn’t gonna waste it. Why would I? Only a fool would squander such an a chance.
Whatever your goal, work hard for it. You just never know…
Btw, check the picture out. Aren’t they the best transformation stories ever?

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