Here’s something that hit me in the reflection of the recent attacks in London and Manchester.
In the last few months, we’ve been shaken by the horrible attacks that took place in London and Manchester. Many lives were wasted in the name of some extremist ideology. People who live in the UK, London and Manchester especially, feel anxious, worried, concerned, saddened and angry by what happened, and rightfully.
It just made me think about Syrian refugees. Towns and cities of these people were not attacked by a handful or radicals with knives in a van, but hundreds of ISIS heavy armed militants in tanks bombing the hell out of their homes. I cannot even imagine how it must feel. No fricking wonder they are on the run. And you may argue where the guns are coming from, and yes, it’s a shady business, but that’s not my point. I recently heard someone speaking of Syrian refugees with a disgusted tone that they are dirty, they are criminals, leeches etc.
Or, maybe they are just running for their lives? If that guy ran and swam for days or weeks and he could have only what he can carry, I wonder what he’d look like. My point is that what’s been happening lately may bring us close (but not anywhere near) to what these people have experienced and perhaps spark a bit of fucking compassion and understanding. No one is asking you to accommodate them in your living room but have some heart.
I don’t know, call me naive, but I’m in a business of helping people, so maybe I’m biassed.

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