Abby Hudson

Abby Hudson, your blog post today was spot on and I sooo enjoyed reading it! So many good words.
I’m constantly coaching my team in my own business to not look beside them, or ahead of them, but only to focus on themselves, their personal business and working in a way that continues to fulfill their ultimate purpose and passion. And if they have NO idea what that purpose is, I recommend taking some serious time to figure it out, because it’ll change everything in their business ❤
Thank you for sharing your heart! And for all my #bossbabes, #bossmoms or whatever you are – this is a GOOD read; remember to keep things in perspective. Keep it authentic, keep it genuine and never ever ever forget who YOU are. Tell YOUR story, not someone else’s. At the end of the day, it’s not the skill or the product, it’s the person behind it all YOU are what people will “buy into”…
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