My heart is full ❤

My heart is full ❤
What an awesome day catching up with family, attending a Lexus Celebration event for friends and having my highest payday in almost 4 years with my business.
To be honest, I could give you over 15,000 ways this business has impacted my family financially this month. But the relationships, the inspiration, the positivity and the personal growth have by far outweighed the income. And it’s what drives me to jump out of bed every morning ready to work!! I’m so very passionate about supporting others in making the most of their life, and it just so happens I get paid REALLY well to do so. Oh! And get great skin
I can’t say it enough; I am SO very grateful for this opportunity. I am so proud of myself. Life is too short to live anything less than happy, joyful & grateful….and for so long I got in my own way; not allowing myself to do that.
Through this opportunity, I’ve been able to get just what I needed in order to become the BEST version of me. Now I can fully soak up life, the people I love and truly enjoy every single moment. Making every day, days like today.
LIFE is SHORT. LIFE is PRECIOUS. And you never know what tomorrow brings. So make EVERY SECOND, and LIVE it with PASSION & PURPOSE

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