Priya Kishore
Me:Self introduction about you
PK:IAM Priyamvadha Subramanian alias Priya Kishore
Iam a M.B.A graduate with Post graduate diploma in Journalism
My father is Kalaimaamani Raadhu who was working in Reserve Bank of India Chennai also a popular dramatist who had his own troupe with popular film personality Canal K.A.Thangavelu
My Husband is Subramanian Kishore is a Commerce Post graduate
My only child Ambarish is post graduate in Media Sciences from Anna University who owns a Entertainment company.
IAM editor of a free women magazine for the past 17 years titled MNC THOZHI
I speak divine discourses and have completed 650 stage performances
Iam the president of a women association
I give Motivation talk in Suryan F.M daily morning at 6.40 a.m.titled UNNAL MUDIYUM NAMBU.
Me:Your opinion about facebook friendships?
PK:Very happy to have friends in FB
It helps us to know many things.
Me:How many Spiritual Discourses done so far?
PK:650 till now..
Me:Women’s security in facebook your opinion
PK:We should be careful in selecting friends
No personal postings
No unwanted comments.
Me:Has womens got enough security in Public places?
PK:No not fully
Me:What way facebook helping Media persons
PK:To get lost old contacts
To get lots of new friends
To learn more in life.
Me:Write a few lines about your social Activities
PK:I help the needy when ever possible only for education
I try to get business contacts for women who do small business from home.
Me:Your motivational message to youngsters
PK:Respect elders
Love yourself
Always be enthusiastic
Have a smile always
Any bad situation will change
Never lose hope
Try till you succeed
Believe in you and God.
Me:Write a Message to the society about Tree Plantation
PK:Try to plant trees where ever possible in your area
Initiate children to do it.
Me:Your message to the society about Cleanliness
PK:Keep your house clean First
Keep your area clean by not throwing dusts in roads.
Me:Your Ambition in life
PK:To have lot of friends and be happy by making others happy.
Me:Thankyou Madam
PK:Thanks a lot for your kindness sir

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