Are you an employee or not

Are you an employee or not?
An employee is given tasks to accomplish upon being hired and that is what an employer bases on to appraise performance.
Take keen interest in your role in the general scheme of operations and your routine tasks. No employer relishes having to follow up an employee on a daily basis for work he/she was hired to do.
Some employees fail to understand that their employer wants to pay for value added by the employee to their business(es) or lives.
As the employee counts down the days to the end of the month,the employer keeps evaluating of what value the employees are to them and their businesses.
The win-win situation where both the employee and employer benefit from their partnership is a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship whereas failure to do or ignoring what one was hired to do is a recipe for termination of the working relationship between the two parties.
An employee is useful to the employer only when he/she is performing as agreed otherwise he/she is living on borrowed time.If you are not performing,you will only be kept around till a replacement comes in or when you will be kicked out when they can no longer stand your presence.
When you accept the terms of employment, nothing should stop you from performing. Put in the time required and/or complete the tasks at hand within the required time and you won’t have any trouble with your employer.
It is common for employees to be very eager and polite at the beginning of their employment careers but become unruly as they get used. Something tends to tell them that they can do what they want and behave as they wish and the boss will say nothing.
Bosses will ignore you at the beginning but believe me,you will have set in motion your departure ticking clock.They will get rid of you before you pollute others and you will serve as an example to the rest showcasing the consequences of non performance.
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