I said yes to accountability

I said yes to accountability.
That’s how it all began.
Postpartum and wanting something different. I wanted a community. I wanted to get excited again about fitness. Challenge myself and maybe along the way I could help inspire someone to do the same.
And then I started to dream a little..
That little dream grew into big dreams. For myself. My family. My TEAM! I told my mom tonight my goal, she asked if that was realistic… I almost laughed… and responded “not if I had that attitude” meaning it has never crossed my mind that I couldn’t reach my goals. Both with the business of fitness and life. It might take awhile– running at full-time nurse and mom speed. My Journey is mine and yours will be yours- but if you have the unwavering mentality that you CAN. You will succeed
✨Comment below with “add me” if you want to be added to my “What is Coaching” Happy Hour this coming WEDNESDAY night at 9pm!
All you need to do is simply log into the event from the comfort of you pj’s (bring a glass of wine if you wish) and just check out the posts from tons of my coaches from my team.
We will tell you what the opportunity has brought us, why we love it, how it can bring value to your life as well. There are no strings attached…it’s simply just all informational. ✨
So if you are all about being apart of a kick butt community of like minded women… jump in…see what all the fuss is about and see if it’s for you!
followyourdreams #createalifeyoulove
If you would like more information on my next accountability group or coaching feel free to fill out this form here

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