Please in God’s name tell me how is this ok

Please in God’s name tell me how is this ok??? How is this still happening? How are innocent lives being taken without any remorse or consequence. How is this bastard walking free while the man he shot is dead and his child scarred for life? What kind of messed up country do we live in??? As someone who’s worked with people for a long time, the only explanation of these killings that I can rationalize is that there’s still this fear of a black man, within white Police force. Why?Why aren’t Police Academies teaching white officers that they shouldn’t be fearing black men at the wheel? Why aren’t they teaching white officers to treat black men with the same respect as they do others? Why aren’t they teaching them to at least shoot in the air or in the leg or just not fucking shoot at all! Why is there a fear of Black Men within Police? That’s really what it boils down to, they’re afraid and for a lot of them there’s prejudice and racism that has never gone away! It breaks my heart. Police really needs a big rehaul and bring in experts to examine every officer that goes out on patrol, examine his mind and his soul prior to allowing them to handle a gun! I would do it for free, in order to save more lives …. #ripphilandocastile #blacklivesmatter #fuckedup #karmaisabitch #unbelievable

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