Mentorship Opportunity

Mentorship Opportunity – 20 Spots Open
I’m looking for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Those who are ready to take chances and work hard. Those imperfect souls who want to work on themselves while helping others. Those who enjoy the comradery of a team. Those who are coachable and willing to learn. Those who want something else for themselves.
I’m accepting 20 people to mentor. I don’t want just anyone. (Please reread the paragraph above.) We’re going to have fun, make strides, and take actions that will move us forward together, but it will take work. On WEDNESDAY night at 8:30 p.m., you’ll be able to get an INSIDE LOOK at coaching, and hear some super motivating and inspiring stories. Then you decide is you think this coaching gig is for you.
You may have heard things about what this business is or isn’t, but trust me it’s a lot different than you think. I’m happy to chat with you about it. Message me or email me at to be added to the private event page.

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