#fridayfact #thestruggleisrealbutsoisthereward

#fridayfact #thestruggleisrealbutsoisthereward
I grew up in the 2000’s when Jeff Foxworthy and the “Here’s your sign guy” (I can’t remember his name and don’t care to google it) were some of the most popular comedians…..I connected way more with the Here’s your sign bit, Jeff Foxworthy I never really thought was all that funny
Anyways the point is we see signs all the time. Signs that tell us we are on the right path and signs that scream, “Jump off the damn train already it’s on fire headed to a snake pit…” well maybe your signs aren’t as clear as some of mine
Over the last 2 years every time I struggle in my business my mentor and friends ask me, “Have you been doing your personal development?” And my answer is a resounding, “Ugh I wish you wouldn’t ask me things I don’t have the RIGHT answer too.”
It’s true I never valued personal development, I always just thought I would figure life out as I meandered through it….well time and time again over the last 2 years my sign has been pretty clear that I need this in my life. So 3 weeks ago I made a 7/7 goal and did 6/7…the day I missed I was a complete wreck. Last week I did 5/7 and the two days I missed my anxiety was through the roof #heresyoursign and this week I’m 5/5 but I noticed when I waited until about 3pm to do my reading….you guessed it the anxiety crept in throughout my afternoon.
For me breaking the cycle of anxiety has not been easy, I’m a bit stubborn if you don’t know me and as a Holman #mymaidenname I don’t take well to being told what to do…..but in this case the signs are clear and the rewards are numerous.
For a lot of you that follow me you see my workouts every damn day and I know that aids in my anxiety, but this time each morning I spend reading 10-20 pages has been the true magic sauce that allows me to KNOW I am worth more and capable of more than I’ve ever allowed myself if believe.
Break your cycle by setting a goal to do something 7/7 days…evaluate and repeat. Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you’ll stick with it without a set goal and obvious rewards…..oh and get this book

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