It’s time to make some noise

It’s time to make some noise, our team has some celebrating to do!
This morning it is my absolute pleasure to introduce one of our newest emerald coaches, Miranda Swint. Miranda and I met here on Facebook and live in the same small community, we have built a relationship over the past year and after lots of conversation, questions and hesitation she joined our team two months ago.
She is a hard-working mama, she faces hardships, physical pain and no matter what is thrown her way the girl does not give up! There’s nothing I love more than watching people overcome adversity and rewrite their story!
Not only is she had incredible results using the 21 day fix, but now she’s paying it forward to others because she believes in the product loves how she feels and is on the pursuit of something better for her and her son!!
Cause I know how hard she is working and have no doubt this is just a stepping stone for what is to come, please help me in congratulating her on this great advancement in her business!!!!!

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