The Lord of the Pigs and his Minions

The Lord of the Pigs and his Minions
6/30/17 THE question for any Trump supporter: what kind of person are you? What Trump did yesterday (the Morning Joe Mika attack tweet) was not surprising and nothing new. It has been obvious or should have been to anyone watching from any distance and any perspective. Supporting Trump is an immoral act. And I am proud to say that the Rick Blog has said that from the beginning. I wrote yesterday that the ugly tweets are crazy and a fascist tactic. Trump supporters are bad people and fascists. There is no way that you can call someone who supports Trump a “good person” or misinformed. Trump’s ugliness is too obvious. If someone is deluded and sees virtue in what he does, it has to be a willing delusion. Support of Trump is an act of hate. It indicates that a person has no respect for others, and likes to see them suffer. And even if someone supports him for what they think are rational political aims, they have defined themselves as fascist pigs.
Their ends do not justify their means (their ends suck too, but those might be born of confusion — a little kid can see the awfulness of their means.)
And forget talk of binary choices, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Democrats. You can oppose all of the above morally if you please. It still doesn’t justify support of Trump.
A person may have very legitimate complaints about unjust treatment in our politics and economics. That doesn’t justify supporting Trump either.
There are no reasonable excuses for supporting Trump whether you are Ryan or McConnell or a human prop at a rally or a silent voter who pulled the lever for Trump and never talks about it.
Trump supporters, shame on you.
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