Ummm yea

Ummm yea….. five summits down and I have successfully dodged the superworkout each year! Well not this year!!!! I think I am more excited than Melanie that I will be there in full force on the main stage with Chris Downing.
Never in a million years did I think this would be happening. In Punta Cana we had the opportunity to do a few workouts with the new Beachbody super trainer. It had a huge impact on me, it got me so excited to do the full program and get the results that I wanted / needed.
Husbands / significant others trust me on this, you need to be there with your significant other to get the full effect. I have No doubt that Chris Downing will make an impact on you physically and mentally if you give him the chance. #shiftshop #superworkout #inormallydontpoststufflikethis

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