Yowww…Trinis need to watch and LISTEN to this! The Story of OJ. ..so many great lines…so relevant to us…to the conversation of late in our country. Here we are b*tching about the 1% but yet still you cyah find a trini to just say I’m a person of colour and realize we are all the friggin same to everyone else. This is my morning rant and it’s a long one…
*DISCLAIMER: Some may find some words offensive…I’m not sorry!
This is for TnT’s other 99%…
“light n*gger, dark n*gger, faux n*gger, real n*gger…still n*gger. Rich n*gger, po n*gger, house n*gger, field n*gger…still n*gger*” it don’t matter who mix, who red, who not…it doh matter who livin’ Goodwood park or Betham…to everyone else WE be still n*ggers… the buffer zone!
I remember the first time I opened up an Oxford dictionary and looked up the meaning of the word N*gger…
“…otherwise, nigger implies the usual derog. stereotypes as allotted to blacks: poverty, laziness, stupidity, lasciviousness, a propensity to mindless hedonism and violence]”…yup…WE be still n*ggers! You heard the parts unknown…we all heard it.
But here’s the real gist of what Jay-Z is saying…we have the power to rise up…WE do!
“I bought every V12 engine, wish I could take it back to the beginning. I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo for like 2million and now that same building is worth 25million. Guess how I’m feelin’ now? Dumbo!”
Every year I see posts about how WE can put a savings plan in place so we can play Mas…WHAT??!!! EVERY year WE throw money away for a good time. Yowww…ain’t no one always doing shite to us…they literally hand us the rope every year and we hang ourselves. Even Bourdain said it “don’t you think Carnival is just a way to keep the masses distracted?” (notice how so few of us heard and spoke about that part). If anyone complains about the prices of costumes you hear “well you don’t have to play in Tribe”…hahaha ha. ..yet still in Tribe…WE be still n*ggers! How about suggestions to not play with them until they drop the prices? No? Because we don’t want the n*ggers around us right? HAHAHAHA…but WE be all still n*ggers to them people…ALL AH WE in those bands. How about suggestions for a savings plan to buy land? A business? Investing in yourself? Better health? Do you know that worldwide black people spend the LEAST on healthcare? Do you know that worldwide WE are considered the consumers and that’s our only role in life? In Canada, I’ve heard people are now buying houses together to combat the rising cost of home ownership…4 or 5 families coming together…hmmm. You wanna bet who not doing that? Say it with me…”the n*ggers!”
Next important line…
“You wanna know what’s more important than throwing away money at a strip club? CREDIT. You wanna know why all the Jewish people own all the land in America?” (Swap for relevant group here in Trini)…”financial freedom my only hope. F’in living rich and dying broke. I bought some artwork for 1million and now it’s worth 2million. In a few years it’s gonna be worth 8million…I can’t wait to give this sh*t to my children.” What are WE putting in place for our children? You think them feathers and beads gonna be worth anything later? There is a reason why every year it is easier to get a Carnival loan vs a Business loan, folks….there’s a reason!
INVEST INVEST INVEST….listen people! The man giving us
“million dollar worth of game for $9.99.”
Spending upwards of $10,000 on Carnival costumes and fetes is like throwing your $$ at strip clubs! Come on! Only 10 people make off of that…every year you make them richer. We need to re-invest in our communities. We need to help each other out. And that’s just one example of how our money is drained. You gonna comment and say “yeah I only spend what I can afford”? It’s you self Jay Z talking to! Unless you have a million plus dollars saved…invested…you own the land you live on or that your business operates on…then STFU! “You still a n*gger” too! That’s not you playing the game..the game is playing you!
Boycotts are unrealistic long term. You angry? Good! The last few days have been refreshing for me…to actually hear folks being angry. Usually it’s “this is Trini…this is how it is”. But incite violence? Speak violently? WHY? At the end of the day we have to live with that 1%. We have to work with them. And yessss there are many who buy from us and support us…we know this. Ya know who some of my most loyal customers have been? From that same community. But where are my brothers and sisters at? Telling me shit about how expensive my classes are and then I look and they are dressed to the hilt in they TRIBE costume…that’s where! #missmewiththatBS! I’m not mad at the 1%, I just wanna know what WE the 99% gonna do about this?
Ya spend twice a week on KFC? Spend the other 5 days on tanty rice and peas or roti or chinese food or whatever! It’s called #balance it’s #simple
You hear people talking about those lazy people? Recognize that it’s you self who is considered to be in that same category. “You still n*gger”. So stop saying that shit.
Vex because people didn’t get as angry on fb over the murder of that little boy and his babysitter vs the 1% comment? Recognize that both issues are completely related and burying our heads in the next fete is not the answer.
Don’t get it twisted yowww…we might be a part of the 99% but every day we only seem to be using 1% of our brain! And you can’t blame THEM for that.
#getwoke #investinourselves #stopspendingyourmoneyonshit #spreadthejoyaround #supporteachother #stoptrashingeachother #letsworktogether #momandpopbusinessesneedYOURhelp #smallchangesBIGimpact
HEAR and LISTEN to this song folks…the man is speaking to us!
*whew…i need a smoke after that*

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