(Episode 11) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness

(Episode 11) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!
 April 13, 2017  Amy Glee  87
3 rd Hooded Guy: “I said who among you is Celine?” he bellowed even louder.
Celine: “I…a…m the…the…one” she stuttered without raising her head up.
3 rd Hooded Guy: “Stand up!”
She stood on wobbly feet.
3 rd Hooded Guy: “Now remove your cloths”
Celine looked up bewildered at what she just heard. She did not see that coming.
Celine: “Remove my clothes? Why?” she gazed at him with unshed tears glistening in her eyes. Her lips quavered while her legs wavered. Her faith took a somersault down the bottomless pit and she forgot she had a God.
1 st Hooded Guy: “See the stupid question she is asking. Do you want to die? Remove your clothes before this axe descends on your succulent looking skin. Do it fast!” he looked at her through the hood of the jacket he wore and shook his head.
She did as she was bid and stood stark naked before them as they ogled at her body from head to toe. They swallowed hard at the sight before them despite the fresh cuts on her body. They first guy wondered who could have done that to her. He looked at those boobs and felt his erection begin to harden painfully.
1 st Hooded Guy: “Lie down there my friend!” He commanded “I will go first” he said looking at his friends who obliged.
Celine went on her knees instead and started pleading with them but the 2 nd guy hit her gently on the head with the flat surface of his axe and she gently laid on the floor without uttering another word. She knew she had no option, it wasn’t like her roomies were going to stand up for her. She closed her eyes as he spread her leg wider with his erection touching the insides of her laps. She tried to close her laps but he spread them even wider. She felt the pain building as he struggled to get himself inside her, he grunted as he started to penetrate little by little until poof! He tore through her hymen and she screamed. They didn’t really bother about the noise as they knew no one will dare interfere not even the police in the area were bold enough. She began to cry, gritting her teeth painfully as he kept thrusting with difficulty because of how tight she was. The blood drizzled down the floor as he kept at it until he reached the peek and poured it all inside her.
1 st Hooded Guy: “I can’t believe the lass is a virgin mehn! Wow! Holy mother of God! As beautiful as you are?” he kept exclaiming as he stood up and brushed himself off. The other two guys took it in turn to have their ways with her too and by the time they were done, he found out he was hard again and went for another round. By the time they were done, she was already almost out of breath and had fainted like three times in row but that did not deter them.
They left the room with their trousers still unzipped and fanning themselves with their axes. As soon as they left, police siren was heard in the distance, one of their neighbours had called the police like immediately the men started banging on the door but of course, they were the police. The people rushed to her aid and she was rushed to the hospital.
Pastor Timothy stood on the altar preaching to his congregation about putting on the whole armour of God. “Put on the whole armour of God for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers…” he screamed energetically from the altar. “The devil is roaming around looking for whom to destroy, this is for you to know that the devil is real and he is a dangerous foe indeed. How do you fight a force that powerful? How do you defeat someone you cannot see with your naked eye? By going into prayers girded with the whole armour” he went ahead to list the whole armour of God and how they can be used in spiritual warfare. By the time he was done, the congregation was in a frenzy, some spoke in tongues while some prayed fervently, some wept asking for the whole armour while some sat down with eyes closed unsure of what to pray about.
The mysterious man stood in front of the entrance of the church taking in all the happenings and looking at the pastor with an intense hatred. The pastor saw him and started calling prayer points which made him flee from the church environs. He was more determined than ever to get him that he went straight to Zahra to remind her of her mission to get the pastor.
Zahra was at the church for Wednesday service. She was dressed in a sky blue button down shirt on a knee length skirt, she wore her natural long hair loose. Her eyes darted around the church, Manny protested from within her, even she felt hot and occasionally went out to exhale the cool evening air. When the service was over, she felt light as if something had left her. She checked and realised Manny had left her, she approached the pastor with a huge smile on her face- she wore her own innocence like a comfortable old dress.
Zahra: “Hello Pastor…” she said with her smile broadening intentionally to reveal more of her beautiful black gums adorned with white 32s.
Pastor Timothy: “Hello sister…?
Zahra: “Yemisi” she said extending her hand for a handshake, he took it in his.
Pastor Timothy: “Sister Yemisi…I am seeing your face in this church for the very first time. Hope you enjoyed the service?”
Zahra: “I enjoyed it soooo much. The sermon was the best I have heard in ages. You are really an anointed man of God and I bless God for His anointing over your life” she clutched her bible to her chest still smiling. she meant it except where she thanked God.
Pastor Timothy: “Thank you sister, it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight. Thanks for joining us, I hope to see more of you around here”
Zahra: “Of course sir, I wouldn’t want to miss any of your sermons from now henceforth”
Pastor Timothy: “Oh that would be more than great sister, I have a feeling you are a true child of God even from the look of you. God be praised for your life” he said waving his hand to show appreciation to God.
Zahra: “Thank you pastor. It is also the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight” she said smiling coyly.
Pastor Timothy: “You are welcome. I need to get going now, I have other members I need to attend to. Feel free to come to me if you need anything, anything at all” he said and started walking away slowly.
Zahra: “Oh you are too kind sir. I shall remember that. See you some other time sir” she replied and stood rooted to the spot watching as he walked over to his wife who was waiting for him patiently at the second entrance to the church. She smiled at her and she smiled back. “All these pastors’ wives and their fake smiles. Mtchew…lemme get out of here jare” she muttered under her breath and started for the exit. As soon as she stepped out, Manny went rushing back into her like an enraged maniac, she felt him boiling probably wondering what she had discussed with him. She smiled to herself knowing that at least, he could not be everywhere at the same time and she could still have some secrets kept from him. He could not read her thoughts either. Her mind drifted to Kendrick and she started skipping like a teenager excitedly. “I can’t wait to be with my boo” she said smiling sheepishly.
The news spread abroad the same time the video of the ladies assaulting her was posted on their department’s WhatsApp group chat by an anonymous person. Celine was devastated, many people went to sympathise with her, some just to have an eyeful of the virgin whose nakedness the whole school had seen, some to mock her in their minds for having remained a virgin for that long only for it to be snatched so mercilessly. Some scorned her to her face. She stopped stepping outside to even fetch water to have her bathe as people stared at her whenever they set eyes on her. The shame she felt knew no bounds.
She sat in the room like she always did thinking about her life. She felt betrayed, betrayed by God, the only one she always ran to whenever she felt downcast. The only one who had always reached out and lifted her from her waterloo seemed to have turned His back on her all of a sudden. She felt weak, she took up her bible to read but she was unable to read even one word from it as her vision blurred each time she tried.
Celine: “God maybe you are actually punishing me for being able to leave my body like that. Or why will you allow something like this to happen to me? You know how important that was to me, you know it was like my most treasured possession and you let those unworthy guys take it from me just like that? Should I start regretting ever being chaste or deciding to keep myself clean and undefiled? Or what exactly do you expect me to do right now?” the tears drizzled freely from her eyes. Her mind nudged her to pray…”pray again? I feel like the more I pray the more bad things happen to me” her mind asked her when the last time she went on her knees and really prayed was but she discarded it as just her thoughts and went on and on about how unfortunate her life had become. “Death is always an escape route though. The easiest way out of difficult situations and unfortunate lives” she welcomed that chain of thought and embraced it with open arms. “What else do I have to live for? I should have just killed myself a long time ago. Isn’t hell better than this life I am living right now? Please no one, I mean no one should try talking me out of this. I have made up my mind as to what to do and that is what I will do. I guess I have power over my own life and death anyway.
Question: Will she succeed in luring the pastor? I guess Celine’s part in the story is about to end at last, should we end her part?

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