I did it! I am a CORE DE FORCE instructor!!! Ahhhhh!! Can’t even begin to explain to you all the feels I have right now.
I am so thankful for the experience that today brought! I just spent the last 8 HOURS with this amazing group of people, working and learning so many things, worked our asses off, and came out ready to teach others this AMAZING program! I am so stoked to get started!
CORE DE FORCE changed my life from my living room when it was released in November. So much so, I remember posting that this was THE program I wanted to become certified in.
I want to motivate and help others change their lives with the same program that changed mine. I can’t wait to get down to business! Who’s gonna be in my first test group?!?
#COREDEFORCEINSTRUCTOR #trainlikeafighter #beachbodylive

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