Muslim Hanoi

Muslim Hanoi
Away from the chaotic bars, at the northern edge of Hanoi old town is the Al Noor mosque on Hàng Luroc, the hub of the small, local Muslim community.
A place where men sit on low stools to play local checkers, small children ride bikes in the cool of the courtyard to the sound of birds tweeting from little cages and next door in a tiny little space in the wall, Zaynab serves up Halal Indo Chinese food that includes biryanis and noodles and even provides you with WiFi in a space that may have one been her old kitchen.
In this city where Halal food is scarce, and dishes that have no meat content whatsoever, difficult to ascertain, Zaynab’s is a welcome relief for Muslim visitors to Hanoi, albeit a humble, basic, space with just the three tables. Go along and eat there, and support the valuable service she provides …
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