I know there are dozens of opportunities out there pounding your eyes

I know there are dozens of opportunities out there pounding your eyes.
But here are 2⃣ top reasons for joining Rodan+Fields: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Physicians. Entrepreneurs. Brilliant.
They are incredible! Not just as dermatologists with 30+ years of daily clinical experience but as BUSINESS women with 2⃣!!!!!! billion dollar brands under their professional belts! Did I mention they are women? As in millionairs in 2⃣worlds traditionally dominated by men! #genius #rocksolid
They are tops in their field and highly respected! So let’s……..
Meet Dr. Katie Rodan
– Co-creator of Proactiv
– Adjunct associate professor of dermatology at Stanford
– Private practice in Oakland, CA
– Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia
– Medical degree from the University of Southern California
– Residency at Stanford University
Meet Dr. Kathy Fields
– Co-creator of Proactiv
– Assistant Dermatology professor at the University of California, SF
– Private practice in San Francisco, CA
– B.S. in Neurobiological Chemistry from the University of Florida
– Medical degree from the University of Miami
– Residency at Stanford University
Together these brilliant Doctors:
– Co-authored two books
– Regularly featured in National magazines and TV shows
-Listed in the TOP 10 Most Successful Female
Entrepreneurs in the U.S.
They have created AMAZING products that do what they say they will… And they are offering YOU and ME the OPPORTUNITY to help them build this EXCITING business, PERSON to PERSON, instead of through a salesperson at a retail store!
They didn’t have to do this. But they CHOSE this business model – despite all the pre-conceived notions and negativity surrounding direct sales. Why would they do that??? Because they care more about enriching and changing people’s lives and skin than they care about conventional opinion!!!
#makeyourownmoney #beyourownboss
Let’s talk!
#changinglives #brilliantfemalephysicians

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