Well if death scares you

Well if death scares you, i have an idea, why don’t you scare her back. Show her how big you want to live, how much energy you hold in yourself, and then tell her that she is not going to stop this energy from flowing in this universe, it has been here before your physical birth and will be after your physical death, you are not your body, your soul is defined by only 2 things, whether it’s bad or evil, and this is the meaning of heaven and hell for me, those who choose to be with the “good” side of the world, are holding with them the prophets souls, and are living in heaven, the other guys are evil, thinking only about themselves, hurting others, they are truly living in hell, yes right now in this moment, there are people living hell and some living in heaven. The only way to enter heaven is to purify yourself through not only worshipping, but also changing your believes and behaviours, helping other people, knowing that you are eternal and that your human experience, is just one of many experiences that you will go through.
_I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Rumi [cycle of life] i don’t have a problem being a plant, sometimes i even look at a plant or a tree and see the entire world in it.
– Die happily and look forward to taking up a new and better form. Like the sun, only when you set in the west can you rise in the east.
_Our death is our wedding with eternity.
_ Oh how much i said to you old me, where are you after ? and where will we reside ? he said oh you holder of my present sayings , you are the light of the highest spirit.
“For hundreds of thousands of years I have been dust-grains floating and flying in the will of the air, often forgetting ever being in that state, but in sleep I migrate back.”
— Rumi ( this man truly understands me )
“I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I have life. I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen One.”
— Rumi ; what Rumi here means by the dust on the path of Muhammad is that he is his succesor, that he has trained himself untill he became a holder of the prophets sayings, and he is indeed living in heaven, and bringing people to heaven, just by talking, seeing, smilling at them. May Allah grant me this secret(training), and help me understand the true meaning of the quran.
and finally :
_Oh you who have been removed from God in his solitude by the abyss of time, how can you expect to reach him without dying?
Mansur Al-Hallaj
So let us not fear deaths, lets turns funerals to celebration, let us celebrate the life of this human, his moment of joy, laughter, ecstasy but also how he supported all the suffering and kept going that is true love.

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