This Solar Eclipse starts in Oregon which is the 33rd State to join the US

This Solar Eclipse starts in Oregon which is the 33rd State to join the US.
Ends in Charleston which is on the 33° parallel.
Also 33 days from the Rev 12 sign on Sept 23..
99 years since a solar eclipse went from Pacific to Atlantic ocean.
Almost the exact same course travelled.
This was 1918 which was at the end of WW1 and same time as the flu epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands.
This eclipse is similar to the one in 1619 prior to slavery.
There was a partial luner eclipse, 14 days later came a solar eclipse that casted a shadow accross central Africa, from west to east.
40 days later was Aug 20,1619 first day of slavery in the US.
There was just a partial lunar eclipse visible in the East on Aug 7th.
14 days later we’re having our solar eclipse Aug 21st.
40 days later is Sept. 29 which is the Day of Atonement.
All of this has been following Hebrew prophecies.
Seven years later in 2024 another solar eclipse will cast another shadow accross America.
This one starting in TX and ending by NY.
So by 2024 the eclipse would have marked a X on the map of USA.
Which also lines up with the 7 yr tribulations.
Historically we have had something major follow a solar eclipse.
But in some cases good.
Nate Turner was inspired to react based on two solar eclipse that happened during his time in 1831.
He saw one but wasn’t convinced until he seen the second one in the same year.
It happened right after a volcano eruption so with the ash cloud and a solar eclipse it turned the sky blue-green.
Nate took that as his green light. And it just so happens to be the anniversary of the Rebellion on 21st
The same day as this eclipse.
So all of the signs are there.
This eclipse along with the Sept 23rd sign are revealing who the real lost tribes are.
Everything has been pushing the people to move.
So the laws of motion are in effect…
The time has come to Rise Up
Salute Kings and Queens

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